Self-care for Caregivers

Event Details

Lori Lemasters is Back!

We are pleased to have Lori Lemasters back for another Care Partner class, on
Thursday, October 19th, from 10-11:30 am, at SRC. This class will be a
discussion about self-care and what self-care means to you. Learn how to use
short writing techniques to identify ways what you need to feel healthy again
and how to get self care back into your day. If you are interested in attending,
please contact the front desk 303.235.6961 or

Lori Lemasters is the founder of Care Partners Resource, a free
membership site to assist family caregivers with the daily
challenges of caring for a loved one. Lori was a Caregiver to both of her parents the final years of their lives. Since their passing she has worked with professional and family caregivers helping them to identify their needs as a caregiver,understanding feelings of burnout and how to find practical ways to free time for self-care. Lori is currently working with Latino Age Wave’s Caregiver Project and American Heart
and Stroke Association as a care giving expert. Lori is a trained Journal to the Self
Therapeutic Writing Instructor and has been trained in Patient Navigation by Boomers Leading Change in Health (BLCiH) and is certified from Area Agency on Aging for Eden
at Home and Project Visibility.